AOC’s Helping Hand

Helping Hand is the website that was created by the class of 2020 through the SEL program. It helps to streamline the process of defining a student’s interest which can lead to the major that they are pursuing. Once a major is decided, the website can help the student to connect with other upperclassmen or alumni that have graduated or will graduate with the same major and interests. For students in grade 9-11, this can be an incredibly useful tool for their education and it can help them plan better for their future.

From the website, students can determine if they actually want to pursue a subject for the rest of their education and career. It acts as a personal foresight into specific college majors and careers so that way, if a change of plan is desired, it can occur sooner rather than later. It can help alleviate a large amount of the stress that is brought by the college and career choice portions of high school.